The Berlin Wall

So the 3rd part of my Berlin trip: The Wall.

As most people know, Berlin was divided into two parts- East Berlin and West Berlin. A wall separated the two parts of the cities between 1961 up until its fall in 1989.

To find out more information and learn about the history of the wall, go to Potsdamer Platz where there are information boards, as well as old parts of the wall on display.

Information boards giving a brief history lesson

Information boards giving a brief history lesson

Potsdamer Platz is just a small walk from the Brandenburg gate, so it is worth it!

Interestingly, all of the parts of the wall displayed here are covered from head to toe in chewing gum. I didn’t understand the significance and never found out why!

Berlin is well known for its graffiti and street art. I think it gives real character to the wall, and makes it more interesting for visitors!

Graffiti on the wall

Graffiti on the wall

An absolute must: visit the East Side Gallery. It is over a kilometre long, and has paintings on from many artists. Having started in 1990, there are now over 100 paintings on it.

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

There is a lot of graffiti on the wall, often covering up the paintings. It has ruined many paintings, but, as I mentioned before, does add to the character of the wall.

Take a look through the slideshow at some of the many paintings from the wall:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The East side gallery is situated in the East of Berlin, on the Warshauer Straße metro stop (u-bahn and s-bahn). It is situated along the river, with lots of cool bars. So make the most of it if you head over there! The Oberbaum bridge is also right next to it, to conveniently fit in another Berlin landmark!

Oberbaum Bridge

Oberbaum Bridge

Oberbaum Bridge

Oberbaum Bridge River View

And if you can spare a little bit more time, particularly in the summer, Badeschiff Arena is a great concept- incorporating a beach, bar, pool and club all in one place. It is a short walk from the East Side Gallery, and well worth it!

Badeschiff Arena

Badeschiff Arena

That just about caps off Berlin- a truly magnificent city!


11 thoughts on “The Berlin Wall

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    • Tu es française il me semble 🙂 ma copine a habité à Berlin pendant 1 mois du coup je suis allé lui visiter. Elle a habité près de Badeschiff donc on y est allé chaque soir pour se détendre dans le soleil. je suis très jaloux que tu habites là, c’est vraiment maqnifique comme ville! 🙂

  2. Oui, je suis Francaise et j’habite a Neukölln, près de Tempelhof ! Ton francais est ttrès bon en tout cas 🙂 Je n’ai pas été encore au badeshiff cet été, mais cela m’a l’air génial ! Tu devrais revenir, il fait trop beau en ce moment !

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