About the Blog

I primarily set up this blog to write about my travels that I have embarked on in the last couple of years. I have visited so many new places and had the most amazing time since becoming a student, and I wanted to record these experiences for my own memories, and to share them with other people too.

I have spent a lot of time in certain cities, and in others I was there for only a few hours, so each post will vary in detail. I will however try to share as much as possible my experiences and my recommendations for people that may want to visit these places in the future!

All of the photos I use are taken by myself (with the exception of maps etc.) using my iPhone. This means that the quality isn’t amazing, but it is more realistic, and I can quickly capture moments by just grabbing my phone out of my pocket. I use an editor on my phone for some photos to enhance quality and often to change the look of a photo. Many people do not like this, but for me it gives a new dimension and perspective on photos, and is different from what many other people take of the same places.

Original photo taken from my iPhone

Original photo taken from my iPhone

The app I use for editing photos is DeluxeFX from the apple app store.

The same photo enhanced with DeluxeFX app and Instagram

The same photo enhanced with DeluxeFX app and Instagram

I’m sure you will agree, the original photo is beautiful, I was in the right place at the right time. Although the edited photo looks cartoony/postcardy, I feel it really brings out the colours, and makes my photos different from everybody else’s.

You can check out many more photos that I have taken on my Instagram page

Let me know your opinions on the photos, and if you have any recommendations of apps you use or how you would edit the photos, let me know!


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